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Melanie's Journal
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Saturday, December 31st, 2005
1:23 am
The once addictive LJ now is a mere chore.
I'll probably eventually come back to it, because i'm sentimental.
I hope everyone's having an awesome new year's. and that your chrissie was awesome too (and hannukah for yosh).

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Tuesday, December 6th, 2005
9:08 pm
I wish you could actually read this...
i remember how you used to make me laugh because of your randomness. And the exact same way you would push your fringe out of your face. I loved your beat-boxing skills at assembly (or your lack there of) and our random run-ins at next. You were one of the funniest people i have ever met, and i will miss you incredibly.
It just wasn't your time to go yet. Even the skies opened up and cried for you today because they knew this was a tragedy.
We all loved you dearly, and anyone that met inadvertantly has a place in their hearts for you. Only those that knew you could understand, and are now under your spell as you can charm anyone with your awesome personality.

You will be missed dearly.
Rest In Peace my friend.
-Mel xoxo

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Saturday, December 3rd, 2005
10:56 pm
Miss me?
I'm back in town kids!
i missed you all incredibly.
QLD was crazy, hectic and incredibly life changing. I have a tatt, but shh, you can't tell my mum or i'll be on the streets. lol. You can't know what it is unless i see you and you ask me.
I missed everyone and we should all hang out so i can fill you guys in.
I'm tired, but it was worth it.
<3 mel.

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Friday, November 25th, 2005
9:52 pm
Don't cry for me, Argentina
To all my dearest friends,

tomorrow i leave to go to QLD for a week. And i'm extremely nervous. The news about schoolies is pretty damn terrifying. If anything should happen to me, know that i love you all.
On the bright side, a week of freedom is what i sorely need. A week away to relax and party with friends will be nothing short of liberating.
I'll be back on the 3rd of December to give you all the dirty details.
Wish me luck.
The adventure begins.

P.s. Congratulations on your grad all you FCC children. We are now young adults, free to corrupt the world.

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Sunday, November 20th, 2005
7:02 pm
great weekend.
boys are fucked.
maccas when drunk is the new black.
formals are just lame.
parties at random places are much cooler.
Nintendo with sheridan owns.

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Thursday, November 17th, 2005
7:34 pm
i dyed some crazy red blotch in my hair. why? because i'm my hairdresser's guinea pig. but i love it, it looks really good actually, even from the black. my fringe is back to blonde for now, but i may dye it back pink before the formal on sat.

This weekend is going to be sensational. :D

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Wednesday, November 9th, 2005
4:22 pm
After friday i'm scott free. And i can't wait. The exam period has gone so fast though, i wish i'd prepared better. But what's done is done and there's no use crying over spilt milk.

I feel like such a cunt lately. I've neglected old friends and haven't seen a lot of people nearly as much as i should. It's not intentional, that's just the way things have worked out.

Shane and Cheryl are moving out earlier than expected. I don't know if i can handle living at home if they aren't here. Mum's been giving me so much shit lately, and over nothing that home life has been a bit hellish. I'm going to move out in Feb with the girls. I think some freedom should clear my head.

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Sunday, November 6th, 2005
3:14 pm
my back hurts. i fell off the ladder at work and hit my back on the icecream machine. now it's bruised.

amy's party is next week. how exciting.

only one exam to go. and 20 days til schoolies :D

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Sunday, October 30th, 2005
10:27 pm
it's halloween tomorrow. my favourite holiday of the year. and i'll be studying like a nerd whore. :(

saturday was fucken hilarious. drunk darts = seriously dangerous.
girls, girls, you made my night.

bio tomorrow. scared. burnt out from studying. citta and i made the best pasta ever though.

i had a sign today. of things to come.

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Friday, October 28th, 2005
8:37 pm
i've been having really messed up dreams lately. about terrorists and shit. i'm not even afraid of them, yet they haunt my dreams.

the exam today (i think) went well. i hope all you did the best you could.

citta is my hero. we went bowling tonight for shane's birthday and he basically gave me all the free booze i wanted. and now i'm drunk. funnily enough though, the drunker i got, the better at bowling i was.

oh and by the way, anyone want a ferret? i'm serious.

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Tuesday, October 25th, 2005
7:48 pm
we lost at netball last night. and miserably too. it was shocking.
at least there was the ice-breaker for next time.......

everyone who's avoiding studying like me should do it. NOW. As i am going to.....in a minute....next ads....

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Sunday, October 23rd, 2005
3:46 pm
Dear everyone,
it's been a while since my last confession. my life is franticly hectic as of late, work/school/exams/partying. i'm a bit run down actually, but i'm also having an absolute blast. can't wait til exams finish.
schoolies is about a month away. lord, have mercy.
Much love.

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Saturday, October 8th, 2005
12:25 am
everybody knows that you're in the wrong.

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Sunday, October 2nd, 2005
6:31 pm
martina came out of intensive care about 2 hours after my last post. she's doing well so i feel a heap better.

as for the holidays as a sum, lots of work, several REGRETS, many good times and lots of lovin.

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Saturday, October 1st, 2005
5:53 pm
mum just came home crying her eyes out. martina's in hospital, she had complications with the birth of the twins and they've had to give her a full historectomy and she's still in intensive care. i'm really upset. i think we're gonna go to the hospital and see her, but it's in ballarat, so by the time we get there we probably wont be allowed to see her anyway because it'll be late. i don't even think she's conscious yet. doug's having a breakdown over it and their first son jake is crying and asking for his mum.
i just wanna bawl my eyes out.

Current Mood: distressed

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12:43 pm
seems all i do is work.
i pretty much know what my life is going to be like after year 12, and i can't wait.
have to start my homework, have to start my homework. maybe if i keep saying it, it might actually happen?
and as for thursday, don't even talk about it. i had 30 drinks, so that's my excuse.

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Monday, September 26th, 2005
7:20 pm
thank YOU for stabbing me in the back.

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Wednesday, September 21st, 2005
11:23 pm
I know you're dying to tell me everything that you wanna say, but i'm not listening..
my life:
-last week i had an allergic reaction to passion pop (OH NO!) and seems i can't drink it anymore if i don't want my throat to close over and i still want to breathe.
-my mum got married on sunday. it was pretty.
-wedding after-party was at the anglers, funny, crazy night.
-monday i started work at my new job. makin' smoothies and stuff, it's rad.
-tuesday i worked all day at both jobs and finally put in the resignation in writing so it's official. then i found out that i have 47 hours of annual leave owing, so i get paid that out when i go in 2 weeks (500 bucks!!!)
-today i discovered my phone is unfixable. i am devastated. so i went to amy's. our carwash was apparently illegal, so we didn't do it and we're now strapped for cash.
-tomorrow there is work, then next. Holla if you'll be there.


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Wednesday, September 7th, 2005
6:05 pm
seems i quit my job...

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Sunday, September 4th, 2005
9:24 pm
soo, it was my birthday on wednesday (thanks to all you beauties for my lovely well-wishings). I've basically been partying non-stop since then.
-wednesday night i had the horrible family dinner. I got drunk and said 'fucken' in front of my nans and great grandma. They were shocked at my filthy mouth. It's about time they knew.
-thursday night we went to next and had a bitchin time. Kissed some real hot guy (i don't care what you think Riley!) and then had to go because Cameron got real drunk and thrown out. It was funny though.
-friday was my party. I love you all who came. I had the best time and forgot a lot of it.
-saturday was chelsea's. i managed to have fun, despite nausea and limited booze. But the little beer i had actually got me pretty drunk. Rad.
-today i nearly chundered at work. it was awesome.

Thank you to everyone who came on friday. I heart you all, and thanks for making me feel so loved.
p.s, how good was my speech? ;)

Current Mood: nauseated

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